Movies by release date: 1971

Movielogr users have logged 197 movies that were released in 1971.

Movies released in 1971
10 Rillington PlaceRichard Fleischer
Abominable Dr. Phibes, TheRobert Fuest
And the Crows Will Dig Your GraveJuan Bosch
Anderson Tapes, TheSidney Lumet
Andromeda Strain, TheRobert Wise
Anonymous Heroes, TheChang Cheh
BananasWoody Allen
Bat Pussy
Bay of Blood, AMario Bava
Beast of the Yellow Night, TheEddie Romero
Bedknobs and BroomsticksRobert Stevenson
Beguiled, TheDon Siegel
Beguiled: The Storyteller, TheClint Eastwood
Big Boss, TheLo Wei
Black Belly of the Tarantula, ThePaolo Cavara
Blood and LacePhilip S. Gilbert
Blood from the Mummy's TombMichael Carreras, Seth Holt
Blood LegacyCarl Monson
Blood of the DragonKao Pao-shu
Blood on Satan's Claw, ThePiers Haggard
Blood ShackRay Dennis Steckler
Blood ThirstNewt Arnold
Bloodstained Butterfly, TheDuccio Tessari
Blue Hour, TheSergei Goncharoff
Born to WinIvan Passer
Brian's SongBuzz Kulik
Bride from Hell, TheChou Hsu-Chiang
Brotherhood of Satan, TheBernard McEveety
Case of the Scorpion's Tail, TheSergio Martino
Cat in the Hat, TheHawley Pratt
Cat o' Nine Tails, TheDario Argento
CatlowSam Wanamaker
Ceremony, TheNagisa Ōshima
Champions of Justice, TheFederico Curiel
ChandlerPaul Magwood
Chrome and Hot LeatherLee Frost
Clockwork Orange, AStanley Kubrick
Cold Eyes of FearEnzo G. Castellari
Columbo: Murder by the BookSteven Spielberg
Commercial WarKeiichi Tanaami
Corpse Grinders, TheTed V. Mikels
Countess DraculaPeter Sasdy
Creatures the World ForgotDon Chaffey
Crimson Charm, TheWong Fung
Crucible of HorrorViktors Ritelis
Daughters of DarknessHarry Kümel
Deadly Duo, TheChang Cheh
Death by InvitationKen Friedman
Death in VeniceLuchino Visconti
Death Walks on High HeelsLuciano Ercoli
Delinquent Girl Boss: Ballad of Yokohama HoodsKazuhiko Yamaguchi
Devil with Seven Faces, TheOsvaldo Civirani
Devils, TheKen Russell
Diamonds Are ForeverGuy Hamilton
Dirty HarryDon Siegel
DocFrank Perry
Doctors' WivesGeorge Schaefer
Dr Jekyll & Sister HydeRoy Ward Baker
Dracula vs. FrankensteinAl Adamson
Drive, He SaidJack Nicholson
Drugs, Drinking, and Driving
Duck, You SuckerSergio Leone
DuelSteven Spielberg
Duel, TheChang Cheh
Duel for GoldChor Yuen
Duel of FistsChang Cheh
Dusty and Sweets McGeeFloyd Mutrux
ElaanK. Ramanlal
Escape from the Planet of the ApesDon Taylor
Evel KnievelMarvin J. Chomsky
Eye of the SpiderRoberto Bianchi Montero
Fearless FightersWu Min-hsiung
Female Bunch, TheAl Adamson
Fifth Cord, TheLuigi Bazzoni
Five Desperate WomenTed Post
Forced to FightSun Yang
Four Flies on Grey VelvetDario Argento
Four Times That NightMario Bava
Fourth Victim, TheEugenio Martín
French Connection, TheWilliam Friedkin
FrightPeter Collinson
Gamera vs. ZigraNoriaki Yuasa
Get CarterMike Hodges
Godzilla vs. HedorahYoshimitsu Banno
Goodbye Uncle TomGualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi
Gushing PrayerMasao Adachi
H-BombPhilip Chalong
Hands of the RipperPeter Sasdy
Hannie CaulderBurt Kennedy
Harold and MaudeHal Ashby
Here Comes Peter CottontailJules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr.
House That Dripped Blood, ThePeter Duffell
Hunting Party, TheDon Medford
I Drink Your BloodDavid E. Durston
I Eat Your SkinDel Tenney
I, MonsterStephen Weeks
In the Eye of the HurricaneJosé María Forqué
Incense for the DamnedRobert Hartford-Davis, Julian More
Incredible 2-Headed Transplant, TheAnthony M. Lanza
Invincible Eight, TheLo Wei
Jennifer on My MindNoel Black
Johnny Got His GunDalton Trumbo
Just Don't Fuck!Carole Roussopoulos
King EagleChang Cheh
KluteAlan J. Pakula
Lady FrankensteinMel Welles, Aureliano Luppi
Lady Hermit, TheHo Meng-Hua
Lady Professional, TheKuei Chih-Hung, Akinori Matsuo
Lady with a SwordKao Pao-shu
Lake of DraculaMichio Yamamoto
Last Picture Show, ThePeter Bogdanovich
Last Run, TheRichard Fleischer, John Huston
Legend of Frenchie King, TheChristian-Jaque
Let's Scare Jessica to DeathJohn D. Hancock
Light at the Edge of the World, TheKevin Billington
Little MurdersAlan Arkin
Lizard in a Woman's Skin, ALucio Fulci
Maid in SwedenDan Wolman
McCabe & Mrs. MillerRobert Altman
Million Dollar Duck, TheVincent McEveety
Murder of Fred Hampton, TheHoward Alk
Murders in the Rue MorgueGordon Hessler
New Leaf, AElaine May
New One-Armed Swordsman, TheChang Cheh
Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, TheEmilio Miraglia
Night of Dark ShadowsDan Curtis
North of SuperiorGraeme Ferguson
Oasis of FearUmberto Lenzi
OctamanHarry Essex
Omega Man, TheBoris Sagal
On Any SundayBruce Brown
Organization, TheDon Medford
Panic in Needle Park, TheJerry Schatzberg
Peace Killers, TheDouglas Schwartz
PinocchioCorey Allen
Point, TheFred Wolf
Point of TerrorAlex Nicol
Pretty Maids All in a RowRoger Vadim
Quit Your LifePark Nou-sik
Raging Moon, TheBryan Forbes
Red SunTerence Young
Requiem for a VampireJean Rollin
Return of Count Yorga, TheBob Kelljan
Return of SabataGianfranco Parolini
Santo in the Vengeance of the MummyRené Cardona
Severed Head, ADick Clement
Shadow Whip, TheLo Wei
ShaftGordon Parks
She Killed in EcstasyJesús Franco
Shiver of the Vampires, TheJean Rollin
Short Night of Glass DollsAldo Lado
Slaughter HotelFernando Di Leo
Some of My Best Friends Are...Mervyn Nelson
Something Creeping in the DarkMario Colucci
Sometimes a Great NotionPaul Newman
Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful ThingsThomas Casey
Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh, TheSergio Martino
Straw DogsSam Peckinpah
Stray Cat Rock: Beat '71Toshiya Fujita
Summer of '42Robert Mulligan
Support Your Local GunfighterBurt Kennedy
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss SongMelvin Van Peebles
Swingin' Stewardesses, TheErwin C. Dietrich
Sympathy for the UnderdogKinji Fukasaku
Tarkan and the Blood of the VikingsMehmet Aslan
Telephone Book, TheNelson Lyon
They Have Changed Their FaceCorrado Farina
They Might Be GiantsAnthony Harvey
THX 1138George Lucas
Todd Killings, TheBarry Shear
Touch of Satan, TheDon Henderson
TraficJacques Tati
Tricia's WeddingMilton Miron
Twins of EvilJohn Hough
Two-Lane BlacktopMonte Hellman
Vampyros LesbosJesús Franco
Vanishing PointRichard C. Sarafian
Velvet Vampire, TheStephanie Rothman
Vengeance of a Snow GirlLo Wei
Wake in FrightTed Kotcheff
WalkaboutNicolas Roeg
Web of the SpiderAntonio Margheriti
Welcome Home, Soldier BoysRichard Compton
Werewolf Versus the Vampire Woman, TheLeón Klimovsky
Werewolves on WheelsMichel Levesque
What's the Matter with Helen?Curtis Harrington
When Eight Bells TollEtienne Périer
White RatSteven Mullin
WillardDaniel Mann
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate FactoryMel Stuart
Wolves, TheHideo Gosha
Woman of FireKim Ki-young
Women in CagesGerardo de Leon
Women in RevoltPaul Morrissey
WR: Mysteries of the OrganismDušan Makavejev
ZaatDon Barton
Zodiac Killer, TheTom Hanson