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Heads for Sale (1970)

Directed by Jeong Chang-hwa

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This tale is about a decapitating swordswoman who will let nothing stand in her way when she falls in love with a bandit’s son. Chiao Chiao, made famous in One-Armed Swordsman, is the girl who won’t let such trifles as craniums keep her from freeing her man from jail.

Length 81 minutes


Lisa Chiao Chiao | Cheng Lui | Wang Hsieh | Fan Mei-Sheng | Cheng Miu | Tung Li | Chan Leung | Helen Ma Hoi-Lun | Chen Yan-Yan | Wong Ching-Ho | Chin Chun | Sing Chen | Shum Lo | Lee Sau-Kei | Hao Li-Jen