Movies by release date: 1948

Movielogr users have logged 52 movies that were released in 1948.

Movies released in 1948
Act of ViolenceFred Zinnemann
All My SonsIrving Reis
Amazing Mr. X, TheBernard Vorhaus
Appointment with MurderJack Bernhard
Belle Starr's DaughterLesley Selander
Bicycle ThievesVittorio De Sica
Bill and CooDean Riesner
Blonde IceJack Bernhard
BodyguardRichard Fleischer
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet FrankensteinCharles Barton
Call Northside 777Henry Hathaway
Castle SinisterOscar Burn
Close-UpJack Donohue
Dark Past, TheRudolph Maté
Devil's CargoJohn F. Link Sr.
Drunken AngelAkira Kurosawa
Easter ParadeCharles Walters
Every Girl Should Be MarriedDon Hartman
Feathered Serpent, TheWilliam Beaudine
Force of EvilAbraham Polonsky
Fort ApacheJohn Ford
Germany, Year ZeroRoberto Rossellini
Golden Eye, TheWilliam Beaudine
Hen in the Wind, AYasujirō Ozu
Hollow TriumphPaul Henreid, Steve Sekely
Kiss the Blood Off My HandsNorman Foster
Lady at MidnightSam Newfield
Let's Live a LittleRichard Wallace
Little 'TinkerTex Avery
Melody TimeHamilton Luske, Wilfred Jackson, Clyde Geronimi, Jack Kinney
MirandaKen Annakin
Monkey's Paw, TheNorman Lee
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream HouseH. C. Potter
Naked City, TheJules Dassin
Night Has a Thousand EyesJohn Farrow
Noose Hangs High, TheCharles Barton
Original Sin, TheHelmut Käutner
PitfallAndré De Toth
Raw DealAnthony Mann
Red RiverHoward Hawks
Red Shoes, TheEmeric Pressburger, Michael Powell
RopeAlfred Hitchcock
Sleep, My LoveDouglas Sirk
So Evil My LoveLewis Allen
Street with No Name, TheWilliam Keighley
SupermanSpencer Gordon Bennet, Thomas Carr
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, TheJohn Huston
Walk a Crooked MileGordon Douglas
Walls of Jericho, TheJohn M. Stahl
WhiplashLewis Seiler
Women in the NightWilliam Rowland
Yellow SkyWilliam A. Wellman