Godzilla (2014)

Directed by Gareth Edwards

Disaster | Science Fiction

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Ford Brody, a Navy bomb expert, has just reunited with his family in San Francisco when he is forced to go to Japan to help his estranged father, Joe. Soon, both men are swept up in an escalating crisis when an ancient alpha predator arises from the sea to combat malevolent adversaries that threaten the survival of humanity. The creatures leave colossal destruction in their wake, as they make their way toward their final battleground: San Francisco.

Rated PG-13 | Length 123 minutes


Aaron Taylor-Johnson | Elizabeth Olsen | Juliette Binoche | Bryan Cranston | Ken Watanabe | Sally Hawkins | Al Sapienza | David Strathairn | James Pizzinato | CJ Adams | Richard T. Jones | Victor Rasuk | Patrick Sabongui | Carson Bolde | Jared Keeso | Luc Roderique | Eric Keenleyside | Primo Allon | George Allen Gumapac Jr. | Ken Yamamura | Garry Chalk | Hiro Kanagawa | Kevan Ohtsji | Kasey Ryne Mazak | Terry Chen | Mas Morimoto | James D. Dever | Akira Takarada | Yuko Kiyama | Takeshi Kurokawa | James Yoshizawa | Jason Furukawa | Brian Markinson | Ty Olsson | Gardiner Millar | Kurt Max Runte | Peter Shinkoda | Christian Tessier | Bill Marchant | Derrick Yamanaka | Peter Kawasaki | Jason Riki Kosuge | Hiroyoshi Kajiyama | Tetsuro Shigematsu | Dean Redman | Taylor Nichols | Anthony Konechny | Jake Cunanan | Yuki Morita | Jill Teed | Eli Goree | Warren Takeuchi | Chuck Church | Dalias Blake | Lane Edwards | Todd Scott | Zoe Krivatsy | Serge M. Krivatsy | Lise Krivatsy | Josh Cowdery | Steven M. Murdzia | Keo Woolford | Lynne Halevi | Martin Kogan | Sandy Ritz | Kyle Riefsnyder | Eric Breker | Jesse Reid | Melody B. Choi | Catherine Lough Haggquist | Amy Fox | Rich Paul | Aaron Pearl | Dee Jay Jackson | Erika Forest | Michael Denis | Toby Levins | Taya Clyne | Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey | Justin Blayne Lowery | Marci T. House | Chris Shields | Zach Martin | Darren Dolynski | P. Lynn Johnson | Antonio Anagaran | Kevin O'Grady | Leif Havdale | Zachary Choe | T. J. Storm | Michael Rowe | Michael Leone | Bill Blair

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03/23/2015TVDigitalTV2 stars
09/17/2014TVDigitalOwned2 stars

Viewing Notes

I ended up watching this one on our cruise while we had not much else going on during a day at sea.  Mainly because my son was watching it while he was working and I was goofing off.  This is a better film when you’re not really paying that much attention to it. Or when you skip a huge chunk of it and get right to the start of the third act when they finally start showing Big G enough to warrant attention. Don’t get me wrong, this is beautifully shot and the sound is amazing along with the score, but the characters are so bland they completely drag what should be an amazing film down.


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