Philip Kwok Chun-Fung

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Movies logged featuring Philip Kwok Chun-Fung
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
Hard BoiledJohn Woo1992Yes02/22/2017
Life GambleChang Cheh1979Yes02/21/2017
Shaolin RescuersChang Cheh1979Yes02/21/2017
Masked AvengersChang Cheh1981Yes02/20/2017
Brave Archer, TheChang Cheh1977Yes02/19/2017
Invincible ShaolinChang Cheh1978Yes01/11/2016
Shaolin TempleChang Cheh1976Yes10/22/2014
Riki-Oh: The Story of RickyLam Nai-Choi1991Yes08/28/2004
Brave Archer and His Mate, TheChang Cheh1982Yes12/27/2013
Heaven and HellChang Cheh1980Yes08/18/2013