The Meg Foster Appreciation Project

A project to watch movies starring Meg Foster, the often overlooked actress famous for They Live, The Ostermann Weekend and Masters of the Universe.

sensoria logged 11 movies during The Meg Foster Appreciation Project. Back to Events Overview.

Movies logged during The Meg Foster Appreciation Project
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
The Emerald ForestJohn Boorman09/17/2015
LeviathanGeorge P. Cosmatos11/13/2011
The Lords of SalemRob Zombie04/20/2013
The Lords of SalemRob Zombie10/04/2015
Masters of the UniverseGary Goddard09/06/2015
OblivionSam Irvin10/05/2015
The Osterman WeekendSam Peckinpah03/14/2015
RelentlessWilliam Lustig10/04/2015
Stepfather II: Make Room For DaddyJeff Burr10/25/2015
They LiveJohn Carpenter02/25/2012