Focus On: No Wave Cinema

For November I’ll be focusing on No Wave Cinema, a short-lived but highly influential punk and transgressive movement in New York City from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s, mostly on the Lower East Side. Some of these films may be hard to come by but I’ll do my best. I’ll be starting out with the 2011 documentary BLANK CITY before diving into the No Wave films themselves.

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Movies on Focus On: No Wave Cinema List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
1Blank CityCeline Danhier2011Yes05/27/2013
2The Blank GenerationIvan Král, Amos Poe1976NoN/A
3They Eat ScumNick Zedd1979NoN/A
4Black BoxBeth B, Scott B1979NoN/A
5Underground U.S.A.Eric Mitchell1980NoN/A
6Downtown '81Edo Bertoglio2001NoN/A
7Born in FlamesLizzie Borden1983NoN/A
8Stranger Than ParadiseJim Jarmusch1984NoN/A