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Seen on: 06/27/2013

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Ironfinger (1965)

Directed by Jun Fukuda

Action | Adventure | Comedy

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After being mistaken for an Interpol agent, a man who was just supposed to go on vacation gets mixed up in a war between two gangs intent on winning the favor of a notorious arms dealer.

Length 101 minutes


Mie Hama | Akira Takarada | Chôtarô Tôgin | Tôru Ibuki | Akihiko Hirata | Sachio Sakai | Susumu Kurobe | Jun Tatara | Mike Danine | Ichirô Arishima | Shigeki Ishida | Yasuzô Ogawa | Hatsue Tonooka | Kôji Iwamoto | Naoya Kusakawa | Wataru Sunaga

Viewing Notes

A cross between Connery’s Bond and Our Man Flint, with echos of Woody Allen’s What’s Up Tiger Lily? thrown in for good measure.

A fun film to watch and if you’re a Godzilla fan you’ll recognize about 90% of the cast since most of them starred in one or more Godzilla movies. Fukuda, the director, also directed and/or wrote a number of the ‘70s era Godzilla movies. He also served as chief assistant director on the Samurai Trilogy.


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