Bad Timing (1980)

Directed by Nicolas Roeg

Drama | Mystery | Thriller

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Alex Linden is a psychiatrist living in Vienna who meets Milena Flaherty though a mutual friend. Though Alex is quite a bit older than Milena, he’s attracted to her young, carefree spirit. Despite the fact that Milena is already married, their friendship quickly turns into a deeply passionate love affair that threatens to overtake them both. When Milena ends up in the hospital from an overdose, Alex is taken into custody by Inspector Netusil.

Rated R | Length 123 minutes


Art Garfunkel | Theresa Russell | Harvey Keitel | Denholm Elliott | Daniel Massey | Dana Gillespie | William Hootkins | Eugene Lipinski | George Roubicek | Stefan Gryff | Sevilla Delofski | Robert Walker | Gertan Klauber | Ania Marson | Lex van Delden | Rudolf Bissegger | Hans Christian | Ellan Fartt | Fritz Goblirsch | Nino LaRocca | Roman Scheidl

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09/04/2014TVDVDLibrary8.5 stars

Viewing Notes

Excellent camerawork and great transitions really set the tone for stellar performances by Theresa Russell and Art Garfunkel. Hard to believe I never saw this movie before tonight.


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