American Ultra (2015)

Directed by Nima Nourizadeh

Action | Comedy

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Mike is an unmotivated stoner whose small-town life with his live-in girlfriend, Phoebe, is suddenly turned upside down.  Unbeknownst to him, Mike is actually a highly trained, lethal sleeper agent. In the blink of an eye, as his secret past comes back to haunt him, Mike is thrust into the middle of a deadly government operation and is forced to summon his inner action-hero in order to survive.

Rated R | Length 96 minutes


John Leguizamo | Bill Pullman | Topher Grace | Michael Papajohn | Tony Hale | Walton Goggins | Wayne Pére | Stuart Greer | Kristen Stewart | Jesse Eisenberg | Billy Slaughter | Nash Edgerton | Connie Britton | Ilram Choi | Johnny McPhail | Monique Ganderton | Vic Chao | Gabe Begneaud | Don Yesso | James Moses Black | Jim Klock | Lavell Crawford | Teri Wyble | John L. Armijo | Michelle DeVito | Lyle Brocato | Tyler Forrest | Tim J. Smith | Joseph Fischer | Paul Andrew O'Connor | Philip Fornah | Rachel Wulff | Freddie Poole | Sam Malone | Sope Aluko | Jack Yang | Michael Jamorski | Greg Rementer | Eric Stratemeier | Nicolas Bosc | Kyle Crosby | Mary Elizabeth Runyon | Alexander Eldimiati | James Bendishaw | Macee Binns | Nick Stanner | Eyad Elbitar | Trace Cheramie | Isaac Hughes | John Bernecker | Tom Bui | Alvin Chong | Johnny Otto | Dino Dos Santos | Eric VanArsdale | Matthew R. Staley | Geraldine Glenn | Robert Bennett

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12/06/2015TVDVDRented8 stars

Viewing Notes

A lot more fun than I expected. It’s easy to ignore the plot holes because it’s just a weird, bonkers kind of movie. Great cast and just fun.


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