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Seen on: 04/15/2017

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Sister Street Fighter (1974)

Directed by Kazuhiko Yamaguchi

Action | Eastern | Crime

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Lee Long is a martial-arts champion who the police use as an undercover agent to infiltrate a drug ring responsible for importing heroin from Japan to Hong Kong. When he is identified and imprisoned, the police pressure his sister, Tina Long, to help them locate and free him. She gets the help of Lee’s martial-arts school, including the powerful Sonny Kawasaka, for the inevitable battle-royale with the drug gang, which includes masters of many different ‘schools’ of fighting.

Rated R | Length 86 minutes


Kazuyuki Saito | Shôhei Yamamoto | Asao Uchida | Xiu-Rong Xie | Nami Tachibana | Toshiyuki Tsuchiyama | Tadashi Takatsuki | Gôzô Sôma | Teruo Shimizu | Seiya Satô | Kôji Sawada | Kazuji Sato | Bin Amatsu | Kenji Ohba | Tatsuya Nanjo | Hisao Mizoguchi | Tatsuya Kameyama | Hiroshi Miyauchi | Kengo Miyaji | Toshio Minami | Akira Kuji | Hideo Kosuge | Hiroshi Kondô | Ryoichi Koike | Masashi Ishibashi | Kôji Hio | Sakae Yamaura | Sonny Chiba | Sanae Ôhori | Emi Hayakawa | Etsuko Shihomi

Viewing Notes

We watched Jay’s Blu-ray of this. This movie is amazing! So much crazy fighting and different styles of martial arts. It definitely showed an influence from the Kamen Rider TV series, which would have been airing around the same time, and the films of Bruce Lee.


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