If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

Directed by Barry Jenkins


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After her fiance is falsely imprisoned, a pregnant African-American woman sets out to clear his name and prove his innocence.

Rated R | Length 120 minutes


Faith Logan | Pedro Pascal | Dave Franco | Marcia Jean Kurtz | Bobby Conte Thornton | Brian Tyree Henry | Finn Wittrock | Ed Skrein | Emily Rios | Diego Luna | Aunjanue Ellis | Michael Beach | Dominique Thorne | Ebony Obsidian | Milanni Mines | Ethan Barrett | Colman Domingo | Teyonah Parris | Regina King | Stephan James | Kiki Layne

Viewing Notes

Powerful film, beautifully shot and acted. I’ve read some history books around housing, social injustice and institutional racism in NYC during this time period, so not news to me, but this was so personal and empathetic that it really felt moving.

Watching this with an entirely white audience is always odd for me.


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