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toniap London russian mafia rape murder undercover

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Eastern Promises (2007)

Directed by David Cronenberg

Drama | Crime

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A Russian teenager, living in London, dies during childbirth but leaves clues to a midwife in her journal, that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.

Rated R | Length 101 minutes


Viggo Mortensen | Vincent Cassel | Naomi Watts | Sinéad Cusack | Armin Mueller-Stahl | Donald Sumpter | Tamer Hassan | Jerzy Skolimowski | Josef Altin | Mina E. Mina | Aleksander Mikic | Tatiana Maslany | Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse | Tony Cook | Tereza Srbová | Raza Jaffrey | Elisa Lasowski | Alice Henley | David Papava

Viewing Notes

Accents aside, this is a nice, slow burn of a late-career movie from Cronenberg.


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