They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

Directed by Busby Berkeley

Crime | Drama | Film Noir

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A boxer flees, believing he has committed a murder while he was drunk.

Rated NR | Length 92 minutes


Tom Dugan | John Ridgely | Mushy Callahan | Claude Rains | Ward Bond | Charles Randolph | Arthur Housman | May Robson | Louis Jean Heydt | Doris Lloyd | Bert Roach | Leyland Hodgson | Irving Bacon | Huntz Hall | Robert Strange | Dick Wessel | Cyril Ring | John Harron | Ann Sheridan | John Garfield | Janet Shaw | Cliff Clark | Gabriel Dell | Leo Gorcey | Bobby Jordan | Gloria Dickson | Billy Halop | Bernard Punsly | Robert Gleckler | Barbara Pepper | William B. Davidson | Tom Wilson | Ronald Sinclair | Elliott Sullivan | Stuart Holmes | John J. Richardson | Jack Wise | Eddy Chandler | Sam Hayes | Charles Sullivan | Donald Kerr | Frank Mayo | Clem Bevans | John Sheehan | Richard Bond | Sam McDaniel | Raymond Brown | John Dilson | Joe Cunningham | Paul Panzer | Jack Mower | Jimmy O'Gatty | Jack Austin | Nat Carr | Bob Perry | Edwin Brian | Reid Kilpatrick | Larry McGrath | Cliff Saum | Frank Meredith | Hal Craig | Harry Leroy | Georgie Cooper | Frank Riggi | Dave Roberts | Mike Donovan | Al Lloyd | Sally Sage | Dorothy Varden

Viewing Notes

The final film for my In Focus: James Wong Howe series. Not a terrible film but also not particularly outstanding, although there are some great shots in this, including one of a newspaper above the fold story being rotated to show the below the fold portion which I’ve never seen in a film before!

John Garfield plays a boxer who eventually, reluctantly ends up with a heart of gold. He’s fine in the role but not outstanding here. You get the feeling he’d have been better under a better director maybe.

Claude Rains is miscast as a NYC detective on Garfield’s trail. He doesn’t get much screen time either.

I’d never heard of the “Dead End Kids” but they get second billing as a bunch of reforming reprobates working on a farm who latch onto Garfield’s character as their idol.


11 months ago

Huh I thought Busby Berkeley only did musicals. Now I’m more curious about this one. For more on the Dead End Kids, check out DEAD END, which introduces them.

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