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Seen on: 10/24/2020

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What Happens Next Will Scare You (2020)

Directed by Chris LaMartina

Horror | Comedy

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Staying late in their office on a Friday night, a motley crew of click-bait article authors are tasked with finding the top thirteen scariest online videos in preparation for a Halloween roll-out. When an early entry promises to curse whoever watches the cryptic link, our snarky writers must distinguish fact from fiction before a crescendo of paranormal disturbances lead to real-life murders.

Length 72 minutes


George Stover | Leanna Chamish | Chris LaMartina | Kendra North | Helenmary Ball | Craig Peter Coletta | Nolen Strals | Maddie Howard | Daemon McConnaughey | Richard Donahue | Melissa LaMartina | Matt Lake | Tracey Allyn | Brian St. August | John Bennett | Michael C. Stettes | Kristina Green | Wes Allen | Cash K. Allen | AJ Hyde | Pat Storck | Jill George | Justin Getka | Mike C. Walls | Mark Burchick | Rachel D. Wilson | Kalima Young | Kathy Carson | Troy Jennings | Johnny Marra | Evangeline Ridgaway | Caitlin Rife | Greg Bowen | Erin Reid | Sadie Roussell | Katharine Vary | Flynn Shea | Cecily Donahue Autumn | Brooke Korch | Lisa Logan-Roussell | Geoff Loo | Shelley Loo | Scott Burke | Mark Roby | Brittany Hunt | Mike Jancz | Ian McCleary | Letitia Getka | Chuck Green | Emilie Clingerman

Viewing Notes

When your horror comedy isn’t horrific or comedic maybe it isn’t really a horror comedy.


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