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Contempt (1963)

Directed by Jean-Luc Godard


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A philistine in the art film business, Jeremy Prokosch is a producer unhappy with the work of his director. Prokosch has hired Fritz Lang (as himself) to direct an adaptation of “The Odyssey,” but when it seems that the legendary filmmaker is making a picture destined to bomb at the box office, he brings in a screenwriter to energize the script. The professional intersects with the personal when a rift develops between the writer and his wife.

Rated NR | Length 103 minutes


Fritz Lang | Raoul Coutard | Jean-Luc Godard | Brigitte Bardot | Michel Piccoli | Jack Palance | Giorgia Moll | Linda Veras

Viewing Notes

Sometimes tripping over into pretentiousness, but ultimately saved by a great cast including Fritz Lang playing himself. Palance nails his producer character, making you loath him early on. And of course Bardot.


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