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Amazon Prime Chinese double cross crime lord secret identity undercover Brazil

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Seen on: 01/11/2021

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Line Walker (2016)

Directed by Jazz Boon

Action | Crime | Mystery

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The details of undercover police officers are deleted from a police database and a senior officer is left struggling to know who are the undercover officers and who are the criminals.

Length 108 minutes


Hui Siu-Hung | Francis Ng | Cheng Taishen | Nick Cheung | Louis Koo | Xing Yu | Charmaine Sheh | Ben Yuen | Moses Chan | Li Guangjie | Jade Leung | Rebecca Zhu | Clara Lee | Louis Cheung | Jimmy Au Shui-Wai | Zhang Huiwen | Choi Kwok-Hing | Timothy Cheng

Viewing Notes

Pretty convoluted, which would be ok if they gave much indication of who is supposed to be whom before starting in on the double crossing. It took me a while to catch up.

There’s a lot of great vintage Japanese vinyl toys showcased in this, which is pretty damn awesome!


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