Line Walker (2016)

Directed by Jazz Boon

Action | Crime | Thriller

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The details of undercover police officers are deleted from a police database and a senior officer is left struggling to know who are the undercover officers and who are the criminals.

Length 108 minutes


Timothy Cheng | Au Siu-Wai | Rebecca Zhu | Jade Leung | Choi Kwok-Hing | Ben Yuen | Clara Lee | Louis Cheung | Moses Chan | Cheng Taishen | Xing Yu | Zhang Huiwen | Li Guangjie | Hui Siu-Hung | Charmaine Sheh | Francis Ng | Louis Koo | Nick Cheung

Viewing Notes

I’m happy they still make convoluted undercover cops vs triad flicks like this in HK. Often silly with the sheer amount of plot twists and double crosses yet beautifully shot and very entertaining. And can’t call it a year of film-watching without getting a Louis Koo appearance. Seriously, he’s gotta be one of the most active high profile actors in Hong Kong. I believe there are ~18 releases this year alone that feature him in some form or another. Insane.

Altho this movie is mostly a man’s world of crime action, I do like women present and wish they weren’t so short-changed. Both Charmaine Sheh and Candy Chang Hui-Wen are great in supporting roles. I did notice a funny slip up with Candy’s character Sui Ying (primary bodyguard for Nick Cheung’s character) goes from pumps to stilettos during a shootout sequence.

Also the most vintage vinyl toys I’ve seen in a movie not about vinyl toys. That Kikaida figure is sweet but the box is even sweeter.

I really want to see the sequel (out now in theaters sadly only River East here) even tho I’ve heard that all the principle actors are completely different characters. What?!


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