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Criterion toniap jayh Los Angeles undercover drug dealers murder double cross

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Deep Cover (1992)

Directed by Bill Duke

Crime | Thriller

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Black police officer Russell Stevens applies for a special anti-drug squad which targets the highest boss of cocaine delivery to LA—the Colombian foreign minister’s nephew. Russell works his way up from the bottom undercover, until he reaches the boss.

Rated R | Length 108 minutes


Charles Martin Smith | Laurence Fishburne | Jeff Goldblum | Sydney Lassick | Bruce Paul Barbour | Clarence Williams III | Julio Oscar Mechoso | Gregory Sierra | Vicellous Reon Shannon | Roger Guenveur Smith | Tyrin Turner | Clifton Powell | Alex Colon | Tony Perez | Kamala Lopez | Alisa Christensen | Sandra Gould | Glynn Turman | Neil Goldberg | Lira Angel | Bilal Bashir | Anna Berger | Yvette Heyden | Ed Cambridge | Nick LaTour | Ric Mancini | Ron Thompson | John Boyd West | Victoria Dillard | Paunita Nichols | Jaime Cardriche | Arthur Mendoza | Erik Kilpatrick | Cory Curtis | Donald Bishop | Lisa Thayer | Joseph Ferro | James T. Morris | Roberto Santana | John Messall | Harry Frazier | René Assa | James Encinas | Def Jef | Eleva Singleton | Revalyn T. Golde | Shannon Macpherson | Lionel Matthews | Jonathan Scott | David Weixelbaum

Viewing Notes

Cracked open the new Criterion disc and it looks great! I haven’t seen this since the mid-90s. I forgot how prominent a role Jeff Goldblum has in this.

This would make a great double feature with NEW JACK CITY.


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