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Seen on: 10/21/2021

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No Reason (2010)

Directed by Olaf Ittenbach


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Suddenly Jennifer is torn from her comfortable and non-assuming life. While planning to move, Jennifer and her husband will experience anything but an ordinary day! It all begins with a strange visit from her soon to be ex-neighbor, the postman who mentions an urgent need.  Later when Jennifer comes home from grocery, she discovers an elderly neighbor, who is her son’s babysitter, has disappeared. She also receives a terrifying and disturbing letter which contains a macabre death poem, plus some compromising sex photos of her husband and the missing babysitter!  To get over the initial shock, she decides to take a bath, and promptly falls asleep in the bathtub. When she awakes, she finds herself on the floor of her apartment covered in blood and body parts! Center to this surreal and horrific scene is a mysterious masked man who promises to lead Jennifer on the right path toward the sacred white light .  The story continues as a tale of physical and mental torture!

Rated R | Length 74 minutes


Irene Holzfurtner | Matthias Engel | Alexander Gamnitzer | Andreas Pape | Annika Strauss | Ralph Willmann | Markus Hettich | Timothy Balme | Thomas Reitmair | Vlasto Peyitch | Hildegard Kocian | Dominik Bühler | Josephin-Marie Kriehmigen | Felix Decker | Karen Breece | Johanny Bühler-Cabrera | Martina Ittenbach | Michael Effenberger | Merel Biebel | Julia Hahn | Thomas Binder | Wayne Darrin | Sanela Demirovic | Andreas Don Duering | Juergen Mueller

Viewing Notes

Not sure why or how I ended up with this film. It’s also from Unearthed Films like EVIL DEAD TRAP, so maybe that’s why?

Not really my thing. As Jay said, felt like a right wing christian movie. But you know, super gory, sexual and violent. Gets old fast and felt pretty pointless.


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