Gamera vs. Viras (1968)

Directed by Noriaki Yuasa

Action | Science Fiction | Fantasy

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As alien invaders plot to conquer the Earth, two Boy Scouts steal a mini-submarine and discover Gamera in their midst. Transported to the alien’s spaceship, the Scouts are menaced by the evil inhabitants, including Viras, a squid-like monster that grows to colossal size to battle Gamera.

Length 81 minutes


Kojiro Hongo | Tôru Takatsuka | Carl Craig | Michiko Yaegaki | Peter Williams | Kôji Fujiyama | Mari Atsumi | Junko Yashiro | Yoshirô Kitahara | Munehiko Takada | Mary Morris | Chikara Hashimoto | Kenji Go | Akira Natsuki | Ken Nakahara | Kenichiro Yamane | Genzô Wakayama | Teruo Aragaki

Viewing History (seen 1 time)

Date ViewedDeviceFormatSourceRating
03/13/2022Home TheaterBlu-rayOwned5 stars

Viewing Notes

The least entertaining and most family-oriented of the Gamera films so far.

There are three versions on the disc: theatrical, directors and international. I chose to watch the director’s version. The main difference apparently is in the flashback scene. The theatrical version uses a montage set to music; the director’s version uses footage from all thee prior films; and the international extends that with some additional fight footage from GAMERA VS. GYAOS.

Honestly, the theatrical version is probably the best.


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