Zeria (2021)

Directed by Harry Cleven

Science Fiction | Animation

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Gaspard is the last man on Earth. Zeria, his grandson, is the first human to be born on Mars. Gaspard tells him about his life, his fears and his loves in the hope that Zeria will come to see him before he dies. Zeria would be the first human being to return to Earth without having ever known it.

Length 61 minutes


Coralie Vanderlinden | Merlin Delens

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Date ViewedDeviceFormatSourceRating
06/25/2022Home TheaterStreamingVideo on Demand6 stars

Viewing Notes

Perhaps not the best choice for our last film of the evening as I had a hard time staying awake and focused. The blending of puppetry, animation and other interesting optical and practical effects makes this oddity feel like a dreamscape somewhere between the brothers Quay and a Guy Maddin film. I would expect this to show up on the schedule for IFS next year.


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