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NWI vampires

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Seen on: 08/13/2012 (rewatch)

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Planet of the Vampires (1965)

Directed by Mario Bava

Science Fiction | Horror

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After landing on a mysterious planet, a team of astronauts begin to turn on each other, swayed by the uncertain influence of the planet and its strange inhabitants.

Rated NR | Length 88 minutes


Norma Bengell | Barry Sullivan | Ivan Rassimov | Ángel Aranda | Evi Marandi | Stelio Candelli | Franco Andrei | Mario Morales | Federico Boido | Alberto Cevenini | Massimo Righi | Fernando Villena

Viewing Notes

My second time watching this excellent early Bava sci-fi/horror movie that easily transcends the B-movie era in which it was released. There are lots of shades of Alien here, even though Scott et al claim they never saw this film prior to making Alien.


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