Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens

All Hong Kong films I view during these six weeks I will be logging here for the course since they are applicable to the material.

Six week online course with professors in Hong Kong and peers from across the world to learn about how the local Hong Kong film scene became and continues to be global.

Week 1: Introduction / Jackie Chan 成龍
In this unit, we look at Hong Kong as portrayed by Hollywood, and how Jackie Chan defines his own global image.
Week 2: Bruce Lee 李小龍 and the Global Kung Fu Craze
Bruce Lee is a global icon who represents the worldwide fascination with Kung fu. We look at his life, works, and lasting impact in cinema and popular culture.
Week 3: Melodramas of Migration: Mabel Cheung Yuen Ting’s 張婉婷 An Autumn’s Tale 秋天的童話
Themes of identity, race, gender, and culture in migration intersect to create stories with historical significance. We examine the role of migration melodramas in documenting the diasporic experience.
Week 4: John Woo’s 吳宇森 Heroic Bloodshed Films: Hong Kong vs. Hollywood
We discuss the evolution of masculinity and selfhood from early Hong Kong Shaw Brothers films to The Killer 喋血雙雄, and how Confucianism offers an alternative understanding of relationships and hierarchy.

Week 5: Hong Kong on Postmodern Screens: Infernal Affairs 無間道
We examine postmodernism in Infernal Affairs as reflected through themes of capitalism, crisis cinema, and political allegory.
Week 6: Hong Kong Cinema as World Cinema / In the Mood for Love 花樣年華
Wong Kar Wai 王家衛 is an example of an auteur filmmaker. We trace how his works influence Hollywood, and specifically discuss festival films and In the Mood for Love.

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Movies logged during Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
Attack of the Joyful GoddessChiang Sheng, Chang Cheh, Lu Feng02/20/2017
An Autumn's TaleMabel Cheung02/22/2017
The Avenging EagleSun Chung02/23/2017
A Better TomorrowJohn Woo03/06/2017
Chop Socky: Cinema Hong KongIan Taylor02/07/2017
Cinema Hong Kong: The Beauties of the Shaw StudioIan Taylor02/19/2017
Cold WarSunny Luk Kim-Ching, Longmond Leung Lok-Man02/14/2017
Crazy SexLi Han-Hsiang02/19/2017
Crazy StoneNing Hao03/24/2017
Crippled AvengersChang Cheh02/19/2017