31 Days of Horror 2018

Same as previous years: watch 31 unseen horror movies during October. No rewatches count for this challenge. My goal this year is to view one new “unseen” horror on each streaming platform I currently utilize per week (Amazon, Netflix, Tubi, Mubi, Shudder, Fandor, etc.). Also theater + blu-ray/DVD as well. Like prior challenges this should be pretty simple to accomplish.

Theater: 10
Blu-ray: 6
DVD: 5
Amazon: 9
Fandor: 3
Hoopla: 4
Kanopy: 3
Netflix: 1
Shudder: 3
TubiTV: 1
Vidmark: 1
YouTube: 3


sleestakk logged 55 movies during 31 Days of Horror 2018. Back to Events Overview.

Movies logged during 31 Days of Horror 2018
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
Amityville 1992: It's About TimeTony Randel10/04/2018
Amityville: The Evil EscapesSandor Stern10/04/2018
The Beach Girls and the MonsterJon Hall10/19/2018
Bite MarksMark Bessenger10/27/2018
Blame it on TobyRichard Knight Jr.10/13/2018
Blood FestOwen Egerton10/12/2018
The Bride from HadesSatsuo Yamamoto10/22/2018
Carnival of SoulsHerk Harvey10/26/2018
The ChildrenTom Shankland10/13/2018
Count Yorga, VampireBob Kelljan10/31/2018