-Watch 30 previously unseen film noir films in November

Rather surprised I’ve never done an official Noirvember event. I’m guessing because it follows not so long after Noir City and I was all film noir’d out to make a serious stab at a month-long noir project. However, this year I barely attended Noir City (unlike past years) so I was not noir’d out. In fact I have been hungry for it after a month of horror movies. So, like 31 Days of Horror, I’m doing 30 days of film noir that I have not already seen.

sleestakk logged 30 movies during Noirvember. Back to Events Overview.

Movies logged during Noirvember
TitleDirector(s)Viewed On
5 Against the HousePhil Karlson11/20/2018
Act of ViolenceFred Zinnemann11/11/2018
The Asphalt JungleJohn Huston11/28/2018
The Big HeatFritz Lang11/24/2018
The Brothers RicoPhil Karlson11/09/2018
Call Northside 777Henry Hathaway11/25/2018
City That Never SleepsJohn H. Auer11/16/2018
CrossfireEdward Dmytryk11/28/2018
D.O.A.Rudolph Maté11/01/2018
Dark WatersAndré De Toth11/02/2018