Nightmares Film Fest 2019

It’s official; I’m going to Nightmares (thx to my buddy Jason). Got my first press pass for the event. Excited to see a bunch more films that I haven’t seen and revisit others I like.

Nightmares Film Festival returns to Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio for its fourth year. The festival will run from Wednesday, October 24th through Sunday, October 27th and this year’s lineup is comprised of 24 features and over 150 horror, thriller, midnight, and horror-comedy shorts. The programming roster includes, but is not limited to new efforts from the likes of Fangoria, Hammer, IFC Midnight, and SpectreVision.

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Movies logged during Nightmares Film Fest 2019
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedViewed On
1BRDavid Marmor201910/25/2019
29 NeedlesScott Philip Goergens201910/26/2019
AntrumMichael Laicini, David Amito201810/26/2019
The AutomatonW. Alex Reeves201910/27/2019
Beyond Horror: The History of Red FilmsJessie Seitz, Marcus Koch201910/26/2019
Blood MachinesSavitri Joly-Gonfard, Raphaël Hernandez201910/26/2019
The BurdenNico van den Brink201910/25/2019
CatfightAriel Sinelnikoff201910/26/2019
Check.Justin Nelson201910/25/2019
CreakerVidar Tevasvold Aune201910/25/2019