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Seen on: 04/15/2013

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8½ (1963)

Directed by Federico Fellini

Drama | Fantasy

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Guido Anselmi, a film director, finds himself creatively barren at the peak of his career. Urged by his doctors to rest, Anselmi heads for a luxurious resort, but a sorry group gathers—his producer, staff, actors, wife, mistress, and relatives—each one begging him to get on with the show. In retreat from their dependency, he fantasizes about past women and dreams of his childhood.

Rated NR | Length 139 minutes


Madeleine Lebeau | Claudia Cardinale | Marcello Mastroianni | Anouk Aimée | Sandra Milo | Rossella Falk | Barbara Steele | Caterina Boratto | Eddra Gale | Guido Alberti | Annibale Ninchi | Mario Pisu | Mino Doro | Franco Caracciolo | Nadia Sanders | Rossella Como | Giuditta Rissone | Jean Rougeul | Edy Vessel | Eva Gioia | Eugene Walter | Giulio Calì | Annie Gorassini | Giulio Paradisi | Dina De Santis | Cesarino Miceli Picardi | Maria Tedeschi | Sonia Gessner | Mark Herron | Georgia Simmons | Mario Conocchia | Bruno Agostini | Yvonne Casadei | Ian Dallas | Olimpia Cavalli | Neil Robinson | Antonio Acqua | Gilda Dahlberg | Tito Masini | Marisa Colomber | Elisabetta Catalano | Hazel Rogers | Mario Tarchetti | Mary Indovino | Frazier Rippy | Francesco Rigamonti | Marco Gemini

Viewing Notes

After the events from today in addition to a fully loaded office day, I had way too much on my mind to fully enjoy this wonderful 35mm screening at The Patio. Still a treat to see on the big screen but challenging for me to remain focused. But it’s such a rich film I know I will revisit again. Hopefully under better circumstances.


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