Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)

Directed by Roy William Neill


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Graverobbers open the grave of the Wolfman and awake him. He doesn’t like the idea of being immortal and killing people when the moon is full, so he tries to find Dr. Frankenstein, in the hopes that the Dr. can cure him, but Frankenstein is dead and only his Monster is alive and this one wants to live, not to die like the Wolfman.

Length 74 minutes


Bela Lugosi | Dwight Frye | Lionel Atwill | Lon Chaney Jr. | Patric Knowles | Jeff Corey | Torben Meyer | Lance Fuller | Martha Vickers | Rex Evans | Maria Ouspenskaya | Doris Lloyd | Dennis Hoey | Ilona Massey | Don Barclay | Harry Stubbs | Cyril Delevanti | David Clyde | Spec O'Donnell | Sonia Darrin | Charles Irwin | Tom Stevenson | Adia Kuznetzoff | Beatrice Roberts | George Ford | George Calliga | Jack Gordon | Anne G. Sterling | Sarah Schwartz | Cosmo Sardo | Jacob Dance

Viewing Notes

Arrived just in time for the start of this movie at The Massacre. Was thrilled that it was a 35mm print! It dawned on me that I’ve only ever seen the end of the movie but not the drama leading up to it (unless I’ve just forgotten). Really cool movie even though Lugosi as The Monster is a bit silly. He still works it. Ilona Massey is such I looker! Wild that neither Chaney Jr or Lugosi were not top billed for this. Great start to the event!


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