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pirate Disney sequel

Seen 2 times

Seen on: 05/15/2017, 07/30/2006 (rewatch)

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

Directed by Gore Verbinski

Adventure | Action


Captain Jack Sparrow works his way out of a blood debt with the ghostly Davey Jones, he also attempts to avoid eternal damnation.

Rated PG-13 | Length 151 minutes


Peter Donald Badalamenti II | Jonathan Kite | Johnny Depp | Ho-Kwan Tse | Luke de Woolfson | Vanessa Branch | Christopher S. Capp | Lauren Maher | Steve Speirs | Max Baker | John Boswall | Jonathan Linsley | Christopher Adamson | Reggie Lee | Clive Ashborn | Dermot Keaney | Andy Beckwith | Geoffrey Rush | Alex Norton | David Schofield | David Bailie | Martin Klebba | Naomie Harris | Tom Hollander | Mackenzie Crook | Lee Arenberg | Jonathan Pryce | Kevin McNally | Jack Davenport | Stellan SkarsgÄrd | Bill Nighy | Keira Knightley | Orlando Bloom

Viewing Notes

Decided to revisit these POTC films in front of the new movie since I’ve only seen them once. Weird how the score is burned into my brain from playing the LEGO game so much.


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