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Seen on: 08/12/2019

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Child's Play 3 (1991)

Directed by Jack Bender


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Eight years have passed since the events of the second film. Chucky has been resurrected once again and seeks revenge on Andy, his former owner, who is now a teenager enrolled in military school.

Rated R | Length 90 minutes


Brad Dourif | Catherine Hicks | Andrew Robinson | Henry G. Sanders | Travis Fine | Mark Christopher Lawrence | Dakin Matthews | Ron Fassler | Justin Whalin | Perrey Reeves | Jeremy Sylvers | Dean Jacobson | Burke Byrnes | Michael Chieffo | Edan Gross | Peter Haskell | David Ellzey | Laura Owens | Terry Wills | Matthew Walker | Lois Foraker | Donna Eskra | Richard Marion | Richard A. Pack | Michael Renna | Ryan Austine | Kent Winfrey | Kim Stockdale | Mark Taormino

Viewing Notes

Haven’t seen this since around the time it was released. Have a few vivid memories of that viewing (rented on VHS) and watched at my folks place in Coal Valley back when my brother was old enough to appreciate horror films… I’ll never forget him jumping up and down during DEAD ALIVE. Fun memory.

Anyways, I did forget a lot about this movie. Mostly details surrounding the military academy and characters. Also didn’t recall that final setpiece in horror attraction, which was pretty cool. Not as bad as I thought but I’m still not a big Chucky fan. I do love his attitude when things don’t go his way.

Requested the Chucky box set around the time the new Child’s Play movie came out and it just came in at the library. Not sure if it’s just a bad Blu for this film but it freezed up a few times which was super annoying. I haven’t seen the other 3 installments but I hope this isn’t a bad batch of Blus.


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