Brad Dourif

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Movies logged featuring Brad Dourif
TitleDirector(s)Year ReleasedWatchedViewed On
Seed of ChuckyDon Mancini2004Yes08/16/2019
Bride of ChuckyRonny Yu1998Yes08/13/2019
Child's Play 3Jack Bender1991Yes08/12/2019
WildlingFritz Böhm2018Yes11/23/2018
Eyes of Laura MarsIrvin Kershner1978Yes10/15/2018
Spontaneous CombustionTobe Hooper1990Yes10/19/2017
Curse of ChuckyDon Mancini2013Yes10/04/2017
DuneDavid Lynch1984Yes10/01/2016
Sonny BoyRobert Martin Carroll1990Yes08/02/2015
Alien ResurrectionJean-Pierre Jeunet1997Yes03/06/2015