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Seen on: 12/14/2019

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6 Underground (2019)

Directed by Michael Bay


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After faking his death, a tech billionaire recruits a team of international operatives for a bold and bloody mission to take down a brutal dictator.

Rated R | Length 127 minutes


Michael Bay | Roger Nevares | Ryan Reynolds | Mélanie Laurent | Sebastian Roché | Constantine Gregory | Jason Oettle | Dave Franco | Faruk Pruti | Russell Wilcox | John Albasiny | James Carroll Jordan | Yuri Kolokolnikov | James Murray | Payman Maadi | Kim Kold | Lídia Franco | Nick Von Schlippe | Corey Hawkins | Manuel Garcia-Rulfo | Lior Raz | Ron Funches | Shubham Saraf | Lukhanyo Bele | George Kareman | Adria Arjona | Tauras Cizas | Ben Hardy | Daniel Adegboyega | Algirdas Dainavičius | Elena Rusconi | Claudio Pinto | Kate Maravan | Tom Wells | Jesse Gabbard | Remi Adeleke | James Bomalick | Ikumi Yoshimatsu | Tamas Hagyo | Ali Khan | Kate Beecroft | Sonny Louis | Michael Lee | Keith Dallison | Pavel Krátký | Adriano Caruso | Avery LaRae Lopez | Hazal Nehir | Jack V. Heath | Spencer John Pauley | Dharma Brown | József Tálos | Nitro Zeus

Viewing Notes

I don’t normally do this but I think my TL has pushed me to it.

This is Michael Bay going full-Bay. So over the top ridiculous, hyper-edited and hyper-violent. I like it… a live action comic book with brutal violence and wisecracking heroes. Sorta reminds me of The Losers.

Really helps to have a likable cast (Ryan Reynolds and his smart mouth + Melanie Laurent as a total badass) and beautiful on location setpieces shot really well. This looks like 150 million dollar movie and one that people are gonna enjoy or outright hate (I’ve seen instances of both already).

Sad we couldn’t see it in theater; it’s a big screen kind of movie (it’s playing iPic around here but ain’t doing that for $25/ticket). Kinda surprised Pickwick didn’t pick this up since they did The Irishman.

From my TL: “6 UNDERGROUND is a 2-hour long car commercial, watch commercial, Army commercial, Discovery channel travelogue, and US propaganda video all mashed into one, only without the plot coherence and basic rules of filmmaking continuity that that description might imply.”

Pretty much. Reminds of the movie Team America and the song “America, fuck yeah!”

I’ve seen so many hilarious tweets I kinda want to copy&paste; them all here. =)


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