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Seen on: 02/14/2020

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Valentine (2001)

Directed by Jamie Blanks


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Five friends are stalked and murdered by a masked assailant while preparing for Valentine’s Day.

Rated R | Length 96 minutes


Jessica Capshaw | Marley Shelton | Denise Richards | Jessica Cauffiel | Katherine Heigl | David Boreanaz | Adrian Holmes | Hedy Burress | Ty Olsson | Woody Jeffreys | Fulvio Cecere | Johnny Whitworth | Benita Ha | Noel Fisher | Haig Sutherland | Adam J. Harrington | Paul Magel | Daniel Boileau | Claude Duhamel | Wyatt Page | Daniel Cosgrove | G. Patrick Currie | Jo-Ann Fernandes

Viewing Notes

I’ve always wanted to see this but it’s never been readily available (my library network doesn’t have it and usually not on streaming) but I discovered it was free w/ads on Vudu
—for Valentine’s Day I guess—so I fired it up.

Yeah, this is not good, which I had always heard. However, with the recent Scream Factory release there seems to be this rekindled fondness for the film. I suppose I can understand why people may like this movie, esp. if they are nostalgic for it. And for a 2/3s of the movie it ain’t bad. But it really starts to crumble in that final act.

All that said, it’s amusing to view these films that lock into a specific period of time. This is when cellphones were in use but not prominent and people still regularly used landlines. It’s such a “white rich people” movie, too, as well as another slasher remnant that started in the late 90s but also lesser fare than the Screams, Urban Legends, and I Know What You Last Summers. 

Glad to have finally viewed this on Valentine’s Day no less but not something I’d revisit.


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