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Seen on: 02/23/2020, 04/16/2019 (rewatch)

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Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003)

Directed by Tsai Ming-liang


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On a dark, rainy night, a historic and regal Taipei cinema sees its final film: 1967 martial arts feature “Dragon Inn”. As the film plays, the lives of the theater’s various employees and patrons intersect, and two ghostly actors arrive to mourn the passing of an era.

Length 82 minutes


Yang Kuei-Mei | Lee Kang-Sheng | Chen Chao-jung | Chen Shiang-Chyi | Miao Tian | Shih Chun | Kiyonobu Mitamura

Viewing Notes

Incredible experience seeing this on the big screen. The 4K restoration looks great and has me hopeful for a new release on Blu.

Seeing this movie in a theater really enhances everything and those long takes and pauses on a shot have a greater impact. Contemplative, poetic and melancholic. You can feel the ache in every step Chen Shiang-Chyi takes as she hobbles thru the back halls of the theater. What a movie and such a treat to see on the big screen where the audience was so quiet you could hear even the softest of sounds in the film.


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