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Seen on: 03/24/2020, 02/02/2018 (rewatch)

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War God (1976)

Directed by Chen Hung-min

Science Fiction | Fantasy

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Rather than imitating in an obvious way, Zhan shen (also referred to by the English title War God) takes the character out of Chinese folk religion General Guan Yu (the god which both cops and triads worship for instance) and pits him against aliens from Mars!

Length 83 minutes


Hsin Tang | Ming Lun Ku | Hsieh Ling-ling | Chen Yu-Hsin

Viewing Notes

WAR GOD aka The Big Calamity (1976) was the first feature tonight at DKUTV for their non-Japanese kaiju double feature week (yesterday was two giant APE movies). Both films tonight are Taiwanese, this one and KING OF SNAKE. I had seen this one last time they screened it. It is not good but a good b-movie that would be ideal for MST3K or B-Fest in that it has some charm and earnestness in its production. But yeah this is a goofy ass movie w/the giant martians invading earth and a priest conjuring up this great general to battle the martians.

Sad that a better version of this doesn’t appear to exist. I’d like to see a good print with good subtitles. This transfer is likely from an old VHS or VCD with burned in subtitles.


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