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Japan black and white tku-tv Philippines gold treasure soldiers greed double cross

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Seen on: 04/04/2020

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Legacy of the 500,000 (1963)

Directed by Toshirō Mifune

Drama | Adventure

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During World War II Japan sends gold to the Phillipines. After the war, the gold is lost in the bay of Manille. Takeichi Matsuo, a former soldier is working now as a buisiness executive. He meets Mintsura Gunji the boss of a large company who offers him to go to the Philippines and bring back the gold.

Length 97 minutes


Toshirō Mifune | Mie Hama | Tatsuya Mihashi | Yoshio Tsuchiya | Yoshifumi Tajima | Yuriko Hoshi | Tatsuya Nakadai | Tsutomu Yamazaki | Sachio Sakai | Tetsu Nakamura | Keiko Yamada

Viewing Notes

Mifune day on DKUTV to celebrate his 100th birthday. Catching one I haven’t seen.

Damn this is really good! Mifune’s only directing work?! He’s great both in front and behind the camera. Solid story of how greed corrupts man every time.


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