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Seen on: 04/04/2020, 02/16/2010 (rewatch)

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Hell in the Pacific (1968)

Directed by John Boorman

Adventure | Drama | War

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During World War II, a shot-down American pilot and a marooned Japanese navy captain find themselves stranded on the same small uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. Following war logic, each time the crafty Japanese devises something useful, he guards it to deny its use to the Yank, who then steals it, its proceeds or the idea and/or ruins it. Yet each gets his chance to kill and/or capture the other, but neither pushes this to the end. After a while of this pointless pestering, they end up joining forces to build and man a raft…

Rated G | Length 103 minutes


ToshirĊ Mifune | Lee Marvin

Viewing Notes

Wasn’t planning on viewing this tonight but the schedule on DKUTV was pushed back and this had just started when I tuned in so what the hell why not. I’m always game for Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune so to see them together as mortal enemies become unlikely friends is A-okay. Both are so great in this. I know this can’t be the first story with this premise so I’m curious which movie was the first to do it. Of course the first time I saw this I was like “oh this is where the idea for ENEMY MINE originated.”

DKUTV added the interview with John Boorman about the making of this film which I’m watching now and it’s quite illuminating. I believe I’ve seen this extra before but it’s nice to hear filmmakers talk about working with the legends.


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