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Seen on: 07/05/2020

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Rage (1995)

Directed by Joseph Merhi

Action | Thriller

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A corrupt right-wing militia group chooses a California teacher as the ideal specimen to clone for its army.

Rated R | Length 94 minutes


Peter Jason | Tim Colceri | Emilio Rivera | Mark Metcalf | Gary Daniels | Kenneth Tigar | Fiona Hutchison | Judith Marie-Bergan | Gary Imhoff | Chuck Butto | Rod Britt | Doren Fein | David Powledge | Jillian McWhirter | David Weininger | Ramon Sison

Viewing Notes

After Paul’s explosive action triple feature watch party I wanted to keep the momentum going so I fired up this flick, arguably the best PM Entertainment action movie, or so I read. Sadly was too tired to truly appreciate the explosive awesomeness so I pushed to this evening and holy shit I think I may agree; this movie is fucking incredible. Of course I haven’t seen every PM Entertainment flick but I’ve seen many and this one is easily at or near the top in terms of action and stuntwork and explosions.

Also this might be the best role + film for Gary Daniels that I’ve seen. He’s a school teacher that gets caught up in this wild ass deep secret operation to make super soldiers from Mexican immigrants. But Daniels escapes and the pursuit is on. It is just amazing. I really didn’t know where each stunt was headed and was always surprised.

Sure it’s super schmaltzy but paced well and so many great action beats around Los Angeles and SoCal. What’s more hilarious is that the shopping mall in the big finale inexplicably has a video rental store that only features PM Entertainment flicks! So damn funny to see that. I hope that Long Beach Mall is still around today.


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