Donald Pleasence

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Movies logged featuring Donald Pleasence
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
Alone in the DarkJack Sholder1982
American RickshawSergio Martino1989
Black Windmill, TheDon Siegel1974
Circus of HorrorsSidney Hayers1960
Cobra MissionFabrizio De Angelis1986
COI: Lonely WaterJeff Grant1973
Cul-de-sacRoman Polanski1966
Death LineGary Sherman1972
Devil's Men, TheKostas Karagiannis1976
Devonsville Terror, TheUlli Lommel1983
DraculaJohn Badham1979
Escape from New YorkJohn Carpenter1981
Escape to Witch MountainJohn Hough1975
Eye of the DevilJ. Lee Thompson1966
Fantastic VoyageRichard Fleischer1966
From Beyond the GraveKevin Connor1974
Great Escape, TheJohn Sturges1963
HalloweenJohn Carpenter1978
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael MyersDwight H. Little1988
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael MyersDominique Othenin-Girard1989
Halloween IIRick Rosenthal1981
Halloween: The Curse of Michael MyersJoe Chappelle1995
Halloween: The Inside StoryPhil Nobile Jr.2010
House of Usher, TheAlan Birkinshaw1989
I Don't Want to Be BornPeter Sasdy1975
MatchlessAlberto Lattuada1967
Monster Club, TheRoy Ward Baker1981
Mutations, TheJack Cardiff1974
Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street LegacyDaniel Farrands, Andrew Kasch2010
Nineteen Eighty-FourRudolph Cartier1954
Nothing UnderneathCarlo Vanzina1985
Oh, God!Carl Reiner1977
Paganini HorrorLuigi Cozzi1989
Phantom of DeathRuggero Deodato1988
PhenomenaDario Argento1985
Pied Piper, TheJacques Demy1972
Prince of DarknessJohn Carpenter1987
Pumaman, TheAlberto De Martino1980
River of DeathSteve Carver1989
Soldier BlueRalph Nelson1970
SpectersMarcello Avallone1987
Tales That Witness MadnessFreddie Francis1973
THX 1138George Lucas1971
Uncanny, TheDenis Héroux1977
Wake in FrightTed Kotcheff1971
Warrior of the Lost WorldDavid Worth1983
What a Carve Up!Pat Jackson1961
Will PennyTom Gries1967
You Only Live TwiceLewis Gilbert1967