24 Hour Horror Movie Mind Melter - 2023

Attended by sensoria

21 movies were watched during 24 Hour Horror Movie Mind Melter - 2023


The Important Cinema Club's annual horror movie marathon streaming live on Twitch, starting at 9 AM MDT on Saturday, October 21 until about 9 AM Sunday, October 22.

Movies viewed during 24 Hour Horror Movie Mind Melter - 2023
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
Battle Royale High SchoolIchiro Itano1987
CorridorAlain Robak1989
CreepiesJeff Leroy2003
Dr. GigglesManny Coto1992
Freak OutChristian James2004
Get the Hell OutWang I Fan2020
Ghostly Rental, TheRobert Enrico1965
Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to CollegeJohn Carl Buechler1990
Haunted House, TheWalt Disney1929
Heaven and HellChang Cheh1980
Hell Has No BoundaryYang Chuan1982
Hell TargetNakamura Keito1987
Lonesome GhostsBurt Gillett1937
Love GodFrank Grow1999
MLee Myung-se2007
Monster HeavenMakoto Tezuka1986
Night of the Living DeadTom Savini1990
Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of FleshAndy Hoyos2017
Runaway BrainChris Bailey1995
Skeleton Dance, TheWalt Disney1929
Variant IIJoe Meredith2023