Chang Cheh

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Movies logged by Chang Cheh
TitleYear Released
All Men Are Brothers1975
Angry Guest, The1972
Anonymous Heroes, The1971
Assassin, The1967
Attack of the Joyful Goddess1983
Blood Brothers1973
Boxer from Shantung, The1972
Brave Archer, The1977
Brave Archer 2, The1978
Brave Archer 3, The1981
Brave Archer and His Mate1982
Chinatown Kid1977
Crippled Avengers1978
Daredevils, The1979
Dead End1969
Deadly Duo, The1971
Delightful Forest, The1972
Disciples of Shaolin1975
Duel, The1971
Duel of Fists1971
Five Element Ninjas1982
Five Shaolin Masters1974
Five Venoms, The1978
Flag of Iron, The1980
Flying Dagger, The1969
Four Assassins, The1975
Four Riders1972
Golden Swallow1968
Have Sword, Will Travel1969
Heaven and Hell1980
Heroes Two1974
Heroic Ones, The1970
House of Traps1982
Invincible Fist, The1969
Invincible Shaolin1978
Iron Bodyguard1973
Kid with the Golden Arm1979
King Eagle1971
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, The1974
Legend of the Fox1980
Life Gamble1978
Magnificent Ruffians, The1979
Magnificent Trio, The1966
Magnificent Wanderers1977
Man of Iron1972
Masked Avengers1981
Men from the Monastery1974
New One-Armed Swordsman, The1971
New Shaolin Boxers, The1976
Nine Demons, The1984
One-Armed Swordsman, The1967
Pirate, The1973
Rebel Intruders, The1980
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman1969
Savage Five, The1974
Shanghai 131984
Shaolin Martial Arts1974
Shaolin Rescuers1979
Shaolin Temple1976
Singing Thief, The1969
Sword Stained with Royal Blood, The1981
Ten Tigers of Kwangtung1979
Trail of the Broken Blade, The1967
Two Champions of Shaolin1980
Wandering Swordsman, The1970
Water Margin, The1972
Weird Man, The1983