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Heaven and Hell (1980)

Directed by Chang Cheh

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Actors David Chaing and Alexander Fu Sheng join director Chang Cheh and the rest of the Five Deadly Venoms crew for a supernatural martial arts epic that takes the action to another plane of reality entirely. When a fallen angel descends to the Earth on a mission to storm the underworld, a love shared between angels and humans offers telling testament to the power of a lucky ghost. In the battle that follows, both the living and the dead will discover that a war waged in hell could have consequences that resound forever

Length 98 minutes


Li Yi-Min | Alexander Fu Sheng | David Chiang | Chiang Sheng | Lin Lin Li | Dick Wei | Siu Yuk-Lung | Lu Feng | Tony Tam Chun-To | Suen San-Cheung | Suen Shu-Pau | Robert Tai | Jenny Tseng | Yu Tai-Ping | Chiang Tao | Johnny Wang Lung-Wei | Lin Chen-Chi | Lo Meng | Philip Kwok Chun-Fung | Sun Chien | Yue Wing | Cheng Miu | Teresa Ha Ping | Wang Han-Chen | Fung Ging-Man | Cheung Hei | Mama Hung | Kara Hui | Wong Ching-Ho