The Sci-Fi Puzzle List

A list created by sensoria

A list comprised of all the movies represented in a 1000 piece puzzle my wife and I put together recently.

Movies on The Sci-Fi Puzzle List List
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
Plan 9 from Outer SpaceEdward D. Wood Jr.1959
Not of This EarthRoger Corman1957
The Screaming SkullAlex Nicol1958
The Brain That Wouldn't DieJoseph Green1962
Attack of the 50 Foot WomanNathan H. Juran1958
The Mole PeopleVirgil W. Vogel1956
Earth vs. the SpiderBert I. Gordon1958
The Creature Walks Among UsJohn Sherwood1956
The MummyKarl Freund1932
The Brain EatersBruno VeSota1958
The Wasp WomanRoger Corman1959
Creature from the Black LagoonJack Arnold1954
The BlobIrvin S. Yeaworth Jr.1958
ReptilicusPoul Bang, Sidney W. Pink1961
The Man from Planet XEdgar G. Ulmer1951
The Brain from Planet ArousNathan H. Juran1957
Satan's SatellitesFred C. Brannon1958
The Shadow of the CatJohn Gilling1961
Women of the Prehistoric PlanetArthur C. Pierce1966
The Time TravelersIb Melchior1964
The War of the WorldsByron Haskin1953
The Invisible ManJames Whale1933
Tobor the GreatLee Sholem1954
Invasion of the Saucer-MenEdward L. Cahn1957
The Amazing Colossal ManBert I. Gordon1957
When Worlds CollideRudolph Maté1951
MothraIshirō Honda1961
The Son of Dr. JekyllSeymour Friedman1951
The Beast from 20,000 FathomsEugène Lourié1953
Forbidden PlanetFred M. Wilcox1956
TarantulaJack Arnold1955
This Island EarthJoseph M. Newman1955
The Strange World of Planet XGilbert Gunn1958
The Day the Earth Stood StillRobert Wise1951
Monster on the CampusJack Arnold1958
Attack of the Crab MonstersRoger Corman1957
Invaders from MarsWilliam Cameron Menzies1953
Black Pit of Dr. MFernando Méndez1959
Die, Monster, Die!Daniel Haller1965
Frankenstein Meets the Wolf ManRoy William Neill1943
Monster from the Ocean FloorWyott Ordung1954
First Spaceship on VenusKurt Maetzig1960
The Day of the TriffidsSteve Sekely1962
The Body SnatcherRobert Wise1945
Beginning of the EndBert I. Gordon1957
The Lost PlanetSpencer Gordon Bennet1953
The She-CreatureEdward L. Cahn1956
Target EarthSherman A. Rose1954
Earth vs. the Flying SaucersFred F. Sears1956
Dracula's DaughterLambert Hillyer1936
Them!Gordon Douglas1954
The Monster That Challenged the WorldArnold Laven1957
Indestructible ManJack Pollexfen1956
The Thing From Another WorldChristian Nyby1951
Queen of Outer SpaceEdward Bernds1958