B-Fest 2024

A list created by sleestakk

B-Fest 2024 happened on February 16, 2024 starting at 6pm and lasting until 6pm the following day. This is the list of films that were programmed. I thought this was a very good line-up more in the tradition of B-Fest when I started attending (and a few I haven’t seen!). They are listed in the order they screened.

Movies on B-Fest 2024 List
RankTitleDirector(s)Year Released
1Hard Rock ZombiesKrishna Shah1985
2She-Devils on WheelsHerschell Gordon Lewis1968
3Black Scorpion, TheEdward Ludwig1957
4Wonder WomenRobert Vincent O'Neill1973
5RunawayMichael Crichton1984
6Wizard of Speed and Time, TheMike Jittlov1979
7Plan 9 from Outer SpaceEdward D. Wood Jr.1959
8Boy and His Dog, AL.Q. Jones1975
9Hot PotatoOscar Williams1976
10Chilling, TheDeland Nuse, Jack A. Sunseri1989
11Monkey Hustle, TheArthur Marks1976
12Apple, TheMenahem Golan1980
13Stunt RockBrian Trenchard-Smith1978
14Demonic ToysPeter Manoogian1992
15ArcadeAlbert Pyun1993
16Tammy and the T-RexStewart Raffill1994