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Average Rating: 6.5/10

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The Proud Twins (1979)

Directed by Chor Yuen

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After his parents are murdered, Jiang Xiao Yu is separated from his twin as a baby and taken by a family friend to Villains Valley, where he is raised to be a villain by a host of outlaws, each of whom has a special skill.  When he’s old enough, he devises clever means to trap each of his uncles and escape the valley to head off into the outside world. A chance encounter with a beautiful girl dressed as a man leads to a treasure hunt and eventually a confrontation with the Princess of Yi Hua Palace, the one who murdered Xiao’s parents in the first place. Eventually, a reunion with his twin will occur.

Length 105 minutes


Alexander Fu Sheng | Wu Wei-Kuo | Wong Yung | Candy Wen Xue-Er | Au-Yeung Pui-San | Kitty Meng Chui | Tang Ching | Ku Kuan-Chung | Cheng Miu | Chan Shen | Lau Wai-Ling | Jamie Luk Kim-Ming | Yuen Bun | Lun Ga-Chun | Lam Fai-Wong | Yeung Chi-Hing | Ngaai Fei | Wong Ching-Ho | Ting Tung | Sek Gong | Gam Tin-Chue | Pei Chi Huang