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Average Rating: 6.5/10

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Opium and the Kung Fu Master (1984)

Directed by Tong Kai

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A small town is protected by one of the famous Ten Tigers of Kwangtung. The town is very safe as Ti Lung and his Kung Fu students patrol for criminals. Enter the rival Kung Fu school whom Ti Lung’s students have beaten in a lion dance competition and then humiliated in a brawl. The rival school is joined by an opium dealing Kung Fu master who plans to turn the town into a community of addicts!

Length 85 minutes


Ti Lung | Chen Kuan-Tai | Philip Ko | Ku Kuan-Chung | Robert Mak | Leanne Liu | Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen | Lee Hoi-Sang | Yuen Wah | Tong Kai | Chan Shen | Ailen Sit | Ngai Tim-Choi | Wang Han-Chen | Yeung Chi-Hing | Wong Ching-Ho | Gam Tin-Chue | Shum Lo | Cheng Miu | Ting Tung