Ti Lung

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Movies logged featuring Ti Lung
TitleDirector(s)Year Released
All Men Are BrothersChang Cheh, Wu Ma1975
Angry Guest, TheChang Cheh1972
Anonymous Heroes, TheChang Cheh1971
Avenging Eagle, TheSun Chung1978
Bare-Footed Kid, TheJohnnie To1993
Better Tomorrow, AJohn Woo1986
Better Tomorrow II, AJohn Woo1987
Black MagicHo Meng-Hua1975
Black Magic 2Ho Meng-Hua1976
Blood BrothersChang Cheh1973
Brave Archer, TheChang Cheh1977
Brave Archer 3, TheChang Cheh1981
Butterfly LoversJingle Ma2008
Dead EndChang Cheh1969
Deadly Breaking Sword, TheSun Chung1979
Deadly Duo, TheChang Cheh1971
Death DuelChor Yuen1977
Duel, TheChang Cheh1971
Duel of FistsChang Cheh1971
Emperor and His Brother, TheChor Yuen1981
First ShotDavid Lam1993
Five Shaolin MastersChang Cheh1974
Flying Guillotine IIHua Shan, Cheng Kang1978
Four RidersChang Cheh1972
Have Sword, Will TravelChang Cheh1969
Heroes, ThePao Hsueh-Li, Wu Ma1980
Heroic Ones, TheChang Cheh1970
Killer's Blues, ARaymond Lee1989
King EagleChang Cheh1971
Kung Fu Instructor, TheSun Chung1979
Legend of Drunken Master, TheLiu Chia-Liang1994
Legend of Drunken Master, TheLiu Chia-Liang1994
Legend of the BatChor Yuen1978
Magic Blade, TheChor Yuen1976
Mercenaries from Hong KongWong Jing1982
New One-Armed Swordsman, TheChang Cheh1971
Ninja In The Deadly TrapPhilip Kwok Chun-Fung1981
Opium and the Kung Fu MasterTong Kai1984
Perils of the Sentimental SwordsmanChor Yuen1982
Pirate, TheChang Cheh, Pao Hsueh-Li, Wu Ma1973
Pursuit of VengeanceChor Yuen1977
Return of the One-Armed SwordsmanChang Cheh1969
Return of the Sentimental SwordsmanChor Yuen1981
Savage Five, TheChang Cheh1974
Sentimental Swordsman, TheChor Yuen1977
Shanghai 13Chang Cheh1984
Shaolin PrinceTong Kai1982
Shaolin TempleChang Cheh1976
Soul of the SwordHua Shan1978
Spiritual Boxer, TheLiu Chia-Liang1975
Swordsman and EnchantressChor Yuen1978
Ten Tigers of KwangtungChang Cheh1979
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the DragonDaniel Lee2008
Tiger KillerLi Han-Hsiang1982
Tiger on the BeatLiu Chia-Liang1988
True ColoursKirk Wong1986
Vengeance!Chang Cheh1970
Warrior's Tragedy, AFrankie Chan Fan-Kei1993
Warrior's Way, TheSngmoo Lee2010
Water Margin, TheChang Cheh, Pao Hsueh-Li, Wu Ma1972