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Average Rating: 7.5/10

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Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre II (1978)

Directed by Chor Yuen

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The thrills continue in this second part of this cherished adventure, created by the renowned director Chu Yuan and ingenious novelist Chin Yung. Only the union of the title weapons can save the six remaining martial arts sects who are vying for mastery. So just sit back and enjoy the movie event which spawned a legacy that continues even today with a long-running, internationally loved television series, a role-playing game, and even collectible replicas of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre themselves!

Length 98 minutes


Derek Yee Tung-Sing | On-On Yu | Ching Li | Candy Wen Xue-Er | Cheng Lai-Fong | Karen Chan Ga-Yee | Lo Lieh | Ku Kuan-Chung | Ngaai Fei | Yue Wing | Chung Kwok Yan | Tin Ching | Teresa Ha Ping | Wai Wang | Wong Yung | Woo Wang-Daat | Wang Lai | Helen Poon Bing-Seung | Chan Shen | Norman Chu | Cheng Miu | Chiang Nan | Keung Hon | Yeung Chi-Hing | Lam Fai-Wong | Yeung Wah | Bobby Canavarro | Austin Wai | Kara Hui | Shum Lo | Tang Tak-Cheung | Wong Ching-Ho | Wang Han-Chen | Hung Ling-Ling | Pei Chi Huang | Chui Fat | Gam Tin-Chue