Lo Lieh

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TitleDirector(s)Year Released
14 Amazons, TheCharles Tung Shao-Yung, Cheng Kang1972
36th Chamber of Shaolin, TheLiu Chia-Liang1978
Bandits, Prostitutes and SilverKao Pao-shu1977
Black MagicHo Meng-Hua1975
Black Magic 2Ho Meng-Hua1976
Born InvincibleJoseph Kuo1978
Brothers FiveLo Wei1970
Bruce Lee and Kung Fu ManiaSandy Oliveri1992
Bruce's FingersJoseph Kong Hung1976
Chinese Boxer, TheJimmy Wang Yu1970
Clan of the White LotusLo Lieh1980
Death DuelChor Yuen1977
Devil and AngelLo Lieh1973
Dirty HoLiu Chia-Liang1979
Dragon Missile, TheHo Meng-Hua1976
Dragon SwampLo Wei1969
Dragons ForeverSammo Hung1988
Duel for GoldChor Yuen1971
Dynamite Shaolin HeroesLee Hyeok-su1978
Emperor and His Brother, TheChor Yuen1981
Executioners from ShaolinLiu Chia-Liang1977
Face Behind the Mask, TheChen Chi-Hwa1977
Fists and GutsLau Kar-Wing1979
Five Fingers of DeathJeong Chang-hwa1972
Flying Dagger, TheChang Cheh1969
Flying Guillotine IICheng Kang, Hua Shan1978
Ghost BallroomWilson Tong1989
Gold ConstablesWong Chung1981
Golden SwallowChang Cheh1968
Heaven Sword and Dragon SabreChor Yuen1978
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre IIChor Yuen1978
Hero of the WildChi Chang1977
Human LanternsSun Chung1982
Invincible Fist, TheChang Cheh1969
Jade Fox, TheKao Pao-shu1979
Killer ClansChor Yuen1976
Killer's Blues, ARaymond Lee1989
Kiss of Death, TheHo Meng-Hua1973
Lady Hermit, TheHo Meng-Hua1971
Lady of the LawShen Chiang, Siu Wing1975
Life is Cheap... But Toilet Paper Is ExpensiveWayne Wang1989
Little Dragon MaidenHua Shan1983
Lizard, TheChor Yuen1972
Lung Wei VillageHsu Tien-Yung1977
Mad Monkey Kung FuLiu Chia-Liang1979
Magic Blade, TheChor Yuen1976
Magnificent Trio, TheChang Cheh1966
On the RunAlfred Cheung Kin-Ting1988
One Armed Swordsman Against Nine KillersLee Jeong-Ho, Hsu Tseng-Hung1976
One Armed Swordsmen, TheJimmy Wang Yu, David Chiang1976
Perils of the Sentimental SwordsmanChor Yuen1982
Police Story 3: Super CopStanley Tong1992
Pursuit of VengeanceChor Yuen1977
Rendezvous with DeathSun Chung1980
Return of the Sentimental SwordsmanChor Yuen1981
Scorching Sun, Fierce Wind, Wild FireSun Sheng-Yuan1979
Shaolin AbbotHo Meng-Hua1979
Shaolin Deadly KicksWu Ma1982
Shaolin Fighters vs. NinjaTaylor Wong1981
Shaolin Hand LockHo Meng-Hua1978
Singing Thief, TheChang Cheh1969
Story of Woo Viet, TheAnn Hui1981
Stranger and the Gunfighter, TheAntonio Margheriti1974
Swift Shaolin BoxerChen Hung-min1978
Sword and the Lute, TheHsu Tseng-Hung1967
Temple of the Red LotusHsu Tseng-Hung1965
Tiger Cage IIYuen Woo-ping1990
Valley of the FangsJeong Chang-hwa1970
Vengeful Beauty, TheHo Meng-Hua1978
Web of Death, TheChor Yuen1976